by Recruiter on June 19, 2011

Alaska’s economy is driven by the Federal government, petroleum, and a third sector that includes seafood, international air cargo, mining, tourism and timber.  The leisure and hospitality industry is showing great promise and growth in Alaska, as well as making a significant impact on the states economy. Examples of occupations in the leisure and hospitality sector consist of the arts, entertainment, food service, recreation, and restaurants. According to Alaska Economic Trends June 2011 edition, “nearly 1 in 10 Alaska jobs or 9.7% of the 323,386 of the total in 2010 were in the leisure and hospitality sector.”

In 2010, the U.S.Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis ranked Alaska in eighth place, with a per capita income of $44,174.  Alaskans do not pay state or income tax.  Citizens also receive an annual distribution of a dividend from the Permanent Fund, which reinforces the state’s economy. As of June 2011, Alaska’s unemployment rate is 7.4%.  Listed below is a snapshot of annual wages in a variety of job sectors in Alaska:

Current Job Listings:

Supervisory Park Ranger at the U.S. Department of the Interior
Salary range: $58,564.00 – $91,252.00 /year

Assistant Professor of Diesel Technology at the University of Alaska

Baker at DUS – Doyon Universal Services

Safety Supervisor at Gold Canyon Mining & Construction

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