by Recruiter on June 18, 2011

Wisconsin’s economy is driven by the manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture sector. According to the February 7, 2011 issue of CNN Money the top 10 companies to work for in Wisconsin include Johnson Financial Group, Mattel, Robert W. Baird, S.C. Johnson & Son, and Grainger.  Wisconsin’s low corporate income tax furthers its reputation as a business friendly state as well as impacting the economic development.

Wisconsin’s food processing industry is a diverse sector that includes dairy, fruit, vegetable and meat processing; as well as specialty food products for instance beer and baked goods.  Wisconsin is home to over 1,000 food processing firms, Oscar Meyer, Usinger’s sausage, Tombstone frozen pizza just to name a few. The healthcare and medical device industry are experiencing great growth, specifically with pharmaceutical and biotech jobs. More than 640 bioscience businesses are located in Wisconsin that employ nearly 24,000 private sector jobs. Lastly, dairy holds the top spot for the agricultural industry.  Dairy farming contributes greatly towards Wisconsin’s economic impact. In fact, Wikipedia notes “a quarter of American’s cheese is produced in Wisconsin.”

Further information about the labor economy can be found at http://worknet.wisconsin.gov.  Here’s a snapshot of job potential information for in-demand occupations.

Manufacturing Jobs :  2008 Avg. WI Annual Wage
Inspectors, testers, sorters: $31,530
Sheet Metal Workers: $49,960
Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics:  $44,300

Info-Tech Jobs :   2008 Avg. WI Annual Wage
Computer Systems Analysts:  $66,700
Computer Apps. Software Engineer:  $73,530
Computer & Info Systems Manager:  $98,800

Health Science Jobs :  2008 Avg. WI Annual Wage
Home Health Aides: $21,950
Medical Assistants:  $29,600
Dental Assistants: $32,750

Finance Jobs :  2008 Avg. WI Annual Wage
Wholesale & Manuf. Sales Rep:  $61,930
Claims Adjusters, Examiners:  $52,500
Financial Managers:  $96,800

Current Job Listings:

Mechanical Engineer (Madison, WI) at Think Engergygroup.com http://www.thinkenergygroup.com
Salary/Contract: $52.86 to $58.37/per hour

Claim Adjuster Trainee (Madison, WI) at Progressive www.progressive.com/

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep (Madison, WI) at Takeda www.tpna.com/

Information Technology Manager (Madison, WI) at J.H. Findorff & Son Inc. www.findorff.com

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